Dear Customer,
Thank you for choosing AVE CAPRICE’ jewels.

Each of our jewels is unique and handmade in Italy, because even when machine made the finishing as strass on earrings or brooches are hand clued or hand set into the metal.

Fancy jewels are made with Venetian Glass produced by glassworkers that have always been famous throughout the world for their unique exclusive creations, gem stones, resin beads made with a renew manufacturing process that make them very similar to the real stones, chain, crystals, bonze claps, sterling silver terminal parts and steel trade mark.

Metal and sterling silver Jewels have precious gold or rhodium plated long lasting, Swarovski strass clued into the metal or cubic zirconia and syntethic stones set into silver 925, sterling silver and bronze claps galvanized
AVE CAPRICE  jewelery is the perfect original combination of modern design, new creative ideas and traditional jewelry and glassmaking techniques.